OpEx is derived from Operational Excellence

In today’s world, Operational Excellence not only implies to Manufacturing or Production line Excellence, it also implies to Business Process Management which includes both Business Intelligence as well as Manufacturing Intelligence gathered from huge amount of Data.

While Corporates have made robust decision making process by implementing ERP Systems using quality data, at Manufacturing or Plant level “Quality of Data” it self was big challenge resulting in poor decision making processes often resulting in to post mortem exercise on Process,Quality,Yield,Asset Management etc. with practically no visible results.

In last 30 years many Corporates have used best of the Automation & Management tools to improve the productivity and have reached to a level of complacency. However, market is behaving differently and have created huge pressure on margin Due to competition & changing demand of better quality at lower price, and frequent changes in product line itself, giving very less time to perfect the plant process and operations.

MI-Manufacturing Intelligence is very much lagging behind the BI-Business intelligence in decision making and Operational Excellence tools of MI have been slow, difficult to use and not meeting the challenges of today’s requirement of Real Time information for decision making.and frequent changes in product line itself.

OpEx Solution Pvt.Ltd bridges this gap between BI & MI. It makes foundation of MI strong and offers robust decision support system for MI for your dream Brilliant Factory/Plant to extract more profits from existing Assets. We are laying foundation by truly networking of information at plant floor with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), for Optimization of Man, Machine & Process.

Our Mission

OPEX Solulations is dedicated to continious growth through commitments to customers to offer them cost effective, technically sound automation



The solutions we have delivered are always engineered by the best engineers using the best available products on the market. We regard this combination



Varied business processes that transcend F&A, Enterprise Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration and Portals, BIDW & Analytics,



Leveraging our vast technology resources and expertise to cater to many industrial segments, we deliver automation hardware and software, embedded